Signs for MONEY

ASL sign for MONEY

Money talks funny sometimes. It can give you complete freedom or it controls you completely.

ASL sign for 'money'

Learn how to sign 'money' in American Sign Language.

Meaning: Any circulating medium of exchange (such as coins or bills) used as a way to pay for goods and services and to pay people for their work.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominat palm-up flat "O" just above the non-dominant palm-up flat hand taps on the palm twice.

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Money makes the world go round. Or is that gravity? I can never remember. What I do know is this. Leroy likes MONEY. In all forms and all CURRENCIES. He likes CASH, CREDIT CARDS, COINS, CHECKS, even the latest CRYPTOCURRENCY. I think the thing he likes most about money is the ability to PURCHASE things. Unsurprisingly, he just got a job as a security for a big BANK with something else in mind. It's good MOOLAH. He has been SAVING UP for years to buy a GOLD bar just so he could bite it like the Olympians do. He would have a lot more FINANCES, but he keeps getting BILLS from these MONEY-GRUBBING utility companies. I guess nothing in this world is FREE. Sometimes he forgets his DOUGH in his jeans and ends up putting it through the wash. Now that's what it's called MONEY LAUNDERING. Hmm, no? Now he's BROKE with only a DOLLAR balance in his account and a small amount of POCKET MONEY in his pocket. So... please wire him FUNDS?


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