MIRROR in sign language

When it comes to a mirror, it must be one of the "artifacts" in Deaf culture as Deaf people are all-world visual.

ASL signs for MIRROR

How do you say "mirror" in ASL (American Sign Language)?

Meaning: a reflective surface, typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant upright flat hand with the palm facing you shakes back and forth at the wrist a few times.

Related signs

REFLECTION, GLASS, looking glass.

In some regions, bylaws or driver's licenses require Deaf drivers to have SIDEVIEW MIRRORS on their cars. But, that is the old news, as these days every car has sideview mirrors on both sides -- well, I observed.

Deaf drivers chat with their backseat passengers via REARVIEW MIRROR. Don't worry -- Deaf drivers are safer drivers with super, enhanced eyesight like larger peripheral vision.

Deaf Culture and Art

Mirror and reflection in everyday life is naturally part of Deaf people's visual world.

Mirror art by Paul Johnston
"Mirror" (1978) by Paul Johnston. 39"x29"x5", wood. Photo with permission. www.artworkarchive.com/profile/paul-johnston

This furniture sculpture "Mirror" (1978) was created by Deaf American artist Paul Johnston (1952-), PhD in art education. This work of art is so organic which reflects Deaf people's "organic" way of seeing.

Deaf babies and some codas have their way of eyesight. Even, 6 months old baby born into visual world and ASL-speaking/Deaf family plays eye contact game with her culturally Deaf mother via everyday reflections.

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