Signs for MARRY

Meaning: to become the husband or wife of (someone); to become joined with (someone) in marriage.

Related signs: NEWLYWED, WEDDING.

Opposite: DIVORCE


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Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Joke/Humor

This multi-generational Deaf joke is one of the classic jokes that has been circulated within the Deaf community and Deaf schools across North America. Personally, I've been told this joke when I was young in my Deaf school by my Deaf teacher Sue Bailey.

Translation: "A huge giant is stalking through a small village of wee people, who are scattering throughout the streets, trying to escape the ugly creature. The giant notices one particularly beautiful blonde-haired girl scampering down the cobblestone street. He stretches out his clumsy arm and sweeps up the girl, then stares in wonder at the slight shivering figure in his palm. "You are so beautiful!" he exclaims. The young woman looks up in fear. "I would never hurt you," he signs. "I love you. I think we should get MARRIED." Bienvenu

Cultural etiquette to avoid cultural appropriation for hearing people: To keep in mind, this traditionally-oral Deaf joke is usually told by Deaf people in sign language only.

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