Signs for MAN

Meaning: An adult human male.

Pronunciation (sign description): Thumb of the dominant "10" hand (handshape) touches the temple of head and then transforms (movement) into the "5" handshape with the thumb on the side of the chest (location).

Phonological variation: Dominant "5" hand (handshape) with the thumb in contact with the temple of the head and the palm facing left if dominantly right-handed moves from the temple to the side of the chest (movement and location).

Regional/generational variation. The idea of this sign originated from a man wearing a cap brim in the olden days.

This sign is less commonly used than the first two above. This sign may be referred more to other synonyms such as GUY.

More signs for MALE, GENTLEMAN, GUY, BOY.

Opposite: WOMAN, FEMALE.

ASL student's funny blunder

"The trios in ASL 212 were practicing a translation into ASL based on a short story projected on the wall screen. The paragraph was about how a married couple prepared for a much looking-forward-to romantic candle-lit dinner while their children were away for a sleepover. They had the dinner all ready and unplugged the phone. The moment they excitedly sat down for dinner, suddenly there was a doorbell ring only to discover that the wife's out-of-state parents came for a surprising visit. The student in the trio kept mispronouncing in ASL, signing MAN instead of PARENT and no students corrected her. So, I intervened to correct her, signing (translated as) "Oh gosh! How did the husband feel about the wife's man?" To make sure the student realized her pronunciation, I continued "PARENTS or MAN?". The trio burst into laughter, imagining the husband discovering the wife's lover coming for a surprising visit on their romantic night." -- Jolanta Lapiak, Winter Term 2020.

Written ASL

[Note: ASL writing is not an official standard. This sign language writing remains in a state of open space to allow room for experiment, evolution, and improvement.]

ASL writing for MAN

Two handshape variations for MAN.

ASLwrite MAN

Variation of the ASL sign for MAN. The left side represents the upper part of the head. The handshapes show the movement from open whole "G" to closed whole "G".

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