How to sign "rear-facing" in ASL? It depends on what object it is. Here is a couple of examples for the rear-facing car seat and the rear-facing camera on a phone.

Meaning (in the context of rear-facing baby carseat): Car seats that children ride rear facing (until 35 lbs.).

Meaning: A camera in a smartphone, tablet or other portable device that has the lens facing away from the user, just like a regular digital camera. Contrast with front-facing camera.

As it's a descriptive phrase, there may be slightly variant to it.

Related signs: BACK, FRONT.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Culture

Rear-facing mirror
Photo by Jolanta Lapiak, 2011.

In our culture, a rear/front-facing mirror is used to look at the baby from the driver's position via a rearview mirror.

Handheld mirror in front of the baby
Photo by Jolanta Lapiak, 2011.

As creative as Deaf mothers can be, a Deaf mother made a solution by using a handheld mirror to check on her baby at red lights (before she bought a hanging mirror as shown in the photo above).

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