Signs for JEALOUS

ASL sign for JEALOUS

ASL signs for 'jealous'

How do you say 'jealous' in American Sign Language? Here is a few variations from regional to generational. And, the related links.

Meaning: Feeling envious or resentful of the good fortune or achievements of another.

Pronunciation (production): Dominant clawed forefinger (handshape), twists once inward (movement) on the tip of the mouth (location).

Variation: Dominant "J" (handshape), twists once outward (movement) away from the tip of the mouth (location).

Phonological/generational variations. More commonly seen in older generation.

Learner tip: Not to confuse this sign with JUST. Different intonation and context.

Deaf History

See how the signed word "jealous" has evolved over time.

Signed by George Veditz in his 1913 film, "The Preservation of American Sign Language" (3:37).

It began with the index finger "bit" between teeth and shifted to the corner of the mouth.

Related signs

Leroy's neighbor won the lotto. He's not jealous, he just thinks it's SELFISH of them not to share. They're over there with their brand new yacht in the driveway. Leroy insists he'd be ENVIOUS, but it's sitting idly on their driveway! HA! Hard to be BITTER when they're not even using the boat, right? That thing would be the envy of the sea, yet here there is sitting and blocking his view. Such eyesore, he complains. But, deep down in his heart, I think, he's grudging.

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