Signs for KEY FOB

Meaning: the small handheld remote control device that controls a remote keyless entry system.

Meaning: a small security hardware device that provides a one-factor authentication to access to mobile devices, computer systems, and data.

Meaning: a small handheld electronic remote control device that gives access to physical objects such as cars, garages, etc.

Related signs: KEY, remote control.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Storytelling

Deaf Australian Stephen Nicholson has numerous rich true stories in his life. One of those is unforgettable and funny.

One day Stephen drove his Deaf parents to the airport using his parents' new car which he could use it for a couple of weeks during his parents' vacation.

After dropping them at the airport, Stephen went back to the car and clicked the keyfob. As he got in the car, he sensed that something about this car was not right. Never mind, he drove around for a couple of weeks until his parents were back.

Back at the airport where he picked up his parents, they went to the car. He clicked the keyfob and got in. His parents looked at the car which seemed not right. They got in the car, looked around, and insisted that the car was not theirs. But, Stephen insisted that it was the same car the he had driven around for a couple of weeks. The parents were absolutely sure that the car was not theirs. They checked the license plate and confirmed that it was the wrong number.

It turned out that Stephen headed back to the wrong same-model car but the keyfob worked and the owner called police to report the stolen car which was missing for two weeks. The family found the right car and contacted police to return the other car to the original owner.

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