Signs for RITTER, PAUL

Fingerspelled name for Paul Ritter (1829–1907) who was a German painter and also deaf.

Name sign for Paul Ritter (1829–1907) from German Sign Language/Deaf community. [Video contributed by Markus Beetz of Germany.]

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Paul Ritter grave
Photo by Markus Beetz, February 2022.

Paul Ritter (1829-1907) was a deaf professor from Nuremberg in Bavaria and the royal professor of art. His grave can be found at St. John's Cemetery "in Nuremberg's Johannisfriedhof, where his grave (St. Johannis IE / 145) is still located today." Ref

There is a name sign for Paul Ritter in German SL as shown by Markus Beetz in the video above.

Paul Ritter coffin with fingerspelled name
Closeup photo.

Notice the fingerspelled name on his coffin?

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