A loanword from another signed language in Europe. Otherwise, use fingerspelling in ASL.

Meaning: the capital and largest city of Serbia.

"Belgrade is known locally as Beograd, which means 'white city' or 'white fortress.' Beo means 'white' and grad means 'city.' The city is named for its fortress, which was built on a white ridge that has been of great strategic importance throughout history." --

The sign was seen in the video on Call for Papers for the 3rd ProSign Conference recorded by Pro Sign. Ref

Related signs: SERBIA.

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Deaflympics 1969
Deaflympics 1969

The Games were hosted from August 9 to 16, 1969 in Belgrade, Serbia. "The record of 1,189 athletes stood for the next two Games before being broken in 1981." --

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