Signs for HOUSE

Meaning: A building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families.

Related sign: HOME.


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Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Culture

When the Lapiak family (the Deaf family) purchased a piece of land (lot) in the 1990s, they requested the contractor to install a separate electrical wire for the doorbell and phone while building the house. A hearing certified electrician didn't know how and wasn't able to do. As stubborn as always, the father sought out a talented Deaf man to help the electrician with designing the "Deaf" wire.

The house has every room with two separate electrical outlets next to each other -- one is a sound version (hearing) and the other is a light version (h-eyeing). A lamp or a light bulb can be plugged into the light-based electrical outlet ("Deaf outlet"). Whenever a doorbell or a phone rings, each lamp in every room flashes.

Thirty years later, the Lapiak elders still live in the house today. [photos soon]

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