BAOBAB in sign language

Meaning: a short, broad-trunked tropical tree with a large edible fruit, native to tropical Africa.


Deaf Bragging Rights

2019 April 52: Deaf South African Braam Jordaan (1981- ) received The Order of the Baobab in Silver for excellent service awarded by The Presidency, Republic of South Africa on 25 April 2019. Ref Braam is well-known for his advocacy and animation talent on the national and international levels. He announced in his Twitter tweet in December 2022 that he "worked as an animation consultant to Paramount Animation on the upcoming animated feature: 'Under the Boardwalk'".

"With over 30 major international awards under his belt for film and animation work, he advocates tirelessly to promote sign language and human rights for Deaf people around the world through his colourful spectrum of work. He has published three children’s books with Cambridge University Press."

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