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ASL signs for 'holiday'

How do you say 'holiday' in American Sign Language?

Definition: A day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.

Pronunciation: Two-handed "5" hands with palms facing each other are apart with the thumb tips on the sides of upper chest while the fingers wiggle.

Learner tip: Not to confuse this sign HOLIDAY (wiggling fingers) with VACATION (different movement).

Holiday signs

People work so hard all year round. We need a break with some CELEBRATIONS, right?

One EASTER, the Dugger family hunted, trying to find as many Easter eggs as they could. Sometimes, the mom found candy wrappers that the kids stole some candies from the last Christmas tree. On the CHRISTMAS day, as soon as the kid opened one of the presents -- a large Easter chocolate egg, his mother scrambled to get it, "Sorry, a mistake. That's for the next Easter." On VALENTINE DAY, the mom secretly bought herself an expensive cocoa-made heart-shaped box of chocolates she deserved. Over the LABOR DAY long weekend, the kids would start to get antsy, because their summer was over, meaning laborious work for the rest of the school year. On HALLOWEEN Day, mom reminded herself to book a dental appointment for the kids. The day before THANKSGIVING, all of the turkeys on their farm disappeared in refuge. Come HANUKKAH and DIWALI. Then on the NEW YEAR, the family cleverly made a vow never to make resolutions because they were always broken.

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