Signs for HOOF

Meaning: the hard part on the bottom of the feet of animals such as horses, sheep, and deer.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Through Preschooler's Lens

Kids say the darndest things in sign language.

The Horse's Hooves: A month from turning age four, a horse had been the bilingual ASL-speaking Juli's imaginative identity. She often acted as a horse, hoofing around.

One day she dressed up by herself and came downstairs. Her feet were bare. I told her in ASL, (translated as) "It's cold here. You'd better get yourself socks." Juli explained, no, horse have cl-hooves. not need socks. I explained how hooves were a form of socks. Juli replied, socks inside-foot from-mouth-down ("Socks are inside the hooves.").

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