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ASL sign for HIDE
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This word entry contains ASL sign for "hide", kid signing "hide" and related links.

ASL sign for "hide"

"How do you sign 'hide', 'hid', 'hidden' in American Sign Language?"

Definition: put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "A" hand with palm facing left if right-handed and its thumb in contact with chin moves from the chin to under the palm of the non-dominant palm-down curved hand.

Kid signing "hide"

The video shows how the bilingual ASL-speaking kid signed "hide" in ASL. It first emerged during the one-word stage. Some of her utterances were casual, some mumbling, some whispering, and others clear.

In the early language acquisition, the toddler signed "hide" in which her hands were symmetrical, which continued for a long time before she could sign it with the correct non-symmetrical form at age 4.

Each child develops at a different pace, whether manually speaking or vocally speaking in any language. However, brain-based language acquisition and phonological acquisition are consistent in a timeline in both modalities (visual-spatial or vocal-aural).



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