Use a descriptive phrase.

Meaning: a person who predicts a person's future by palmistry, using a crystal ball, or similar methods.

Sign description of the compound words: PERSON+FORESEE/PREDICT/FORETELL+TELL/STORY.

Related fortunate and unfortuante signwords

Barbara paid a psychic for a FORTUNE reading. The fortune teller looked deep into her crystal ball to see if she could see the future, but all she saw was a gold fish. She said that someone must have swapped her ball out with a fishbowl. What TOUGH LUCK, BAD LUCK. As always, the psychic has a plan B, she grabbed the TAROT CARD, shuffled, and flipped the cards only to find they are the war cards. Quick, a plan C, she thought. She offered a PALMISTRY reading. Barbara was starting to lose faith in her and thought maybe this lady she found in the dumpster wasn't quite the soothsayer she claimed to be. What had the psychic done to deserve such MISFORTUNE? Perhaps it was when she kicked that black cat into a mirror underneath a ladder the other day. Superstition.

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