Signs for UTAH

Meaning: a state of the western United States.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Art

American Deaf artist Erik Jensen's work "Wasatch Range" was exhibited in the Delta Sky Club lounge at the Salt Lake City International Airport. If you ever fly through SLC and are a DSC member, you need to see it!

Wasatch Range art
Image provided by Erik Jensen. "Wasatch Range" (2020, 36"x108" triptych).

If you ever fly through Salt Lake City and are a Delta Sky Club member, go see it!

Deaf History

Elizabeth "Libbie" DeLong (1877-1931) was a Deaf leader in the Utah Deaf community. Libbie and her Deaf cousin were the first students from Utah to attend Gallaudet College in 1897.

More information

"Elizabeth DeLong, Leader in the Utah Deaf Community" by Jodi Becker Kinner.

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