The trademark HandSpeak or handspeak is the name of the website (formerly known as "DWW" in 1995-2000). This website has been a long-running site since 1995/2000. Its ASL Dictionary, created in early 1997, is the oldest online sign language dictionary.

Printable ASL for HANDSPEAK

The terms "handspeak" and its signed word are coined by the creator of this site in 2000.

Meaning: A name sign of the website of ASL dictionary, articles and tutorials, and resources at; to speak in sign language.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "4" hand (handshape), palm out (orientation), the side forefinger of the dominant hand in front of the non-dominant upright flat palm (location), the forefinger taps on the palm twice (movement).

Sometimes, a few people accidentally began to use the brand name "handspeak" as a verb as in "to speak in sign language" -- in the same way, people began to use "xerox" as a verb for "photocopy".

Related words: sign language, SIGNING, ASL (American Sign Language), DEAF, Jolanta Lapiak, the creator and owner of this website.

Brief History

DWW was created in 1995 originally in Stamford, Connecticut (home office) and in New York City (server/host); then, it was renamed to handspeak in 2000. The trademarked "HANDSPEAK" and its signed form were created in 2000 when the domainname was registered.

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