Video Writing (or v-writing)

Sign language natives see video as a natural form of writing medium.

There are different forms of writing. Derrida, in his Of Grammatology (1967), relates the term grammatology to the science of writing. More than the traditional notion of alphabetic writing, it inspects other written and verbal forms, which is what Derrida refers to as the archi-écriture (arche-writing); as an umbrella entity. The forms of writing can be visual-manual, vocal-auditory, phonetic, ideographic, pictographic, alphabetical, hieroglyphic, photographic, or videographic.

Based on this Derridean deconstruction, it is natural for native signers to view video as a writing form. There is a quickly growing number of video blogs (vlog as they call it) created or "written" by Deaf signers across the Internet. It is a fast-growing literature in ASL.


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