Siglish: an old term of Signed English

The terms "Ameslan" and "Siglish" were coined in the early 1970s, both mentioned in an early published book, "Ameslan: an introduction to American Sign Language" by Louie J. Fant, Jr. in 1972.

Basically, "Siglish", later known as Signed English, is an artificial signed language in English grammatical order. Ameslan or ASL (American Sign Language) is a true language of its own.

At that time, there was a confusion between Siglish (later called "Signed English") and Ameslan. Louie attempted to clarify confusions and explained the difference.

In my past note, I described an equivalent of Signed English to coercing Chinese children to learn and write Chinese characters in English grammatical order, which would be ridiculous linguicism. By the way, Amseslan/ASL and Chinese have more in common in grammar than English.