Films and movies in Sign Languages

Below is a list of movies, in which all actors speak in ASL or other sign languages. If you know of any films that actors use sign language only, you may send me additions via email.

Films online

Online short films can be viewed for your pleasure. Here is the list below.

Films produced by Deaf journalist and scriptwriter Charlie Swinbourne. The language is British Sign Language (BSL) with English subtitle.

More short films by producers and filmmakers in British Sign Language with English subtitle.

Historical sign language materials.


Children of Lesser God

Beyond the World / Deitro il Mondo in Italian sign language with English, Japanese or Spanish subtitles. 45 minutes. Daniele Le Rose, 2004.

Forget Me Not. ASL/Ameslan. MGW Productions, 2006.

Gerald (2009) is a film about a young man's journey in which he learns his family secrets after he meets a Deaf autistic grandfather that he has never known. Produced by ASL Films.

The Hammer (2010) is a movie based on the true story about a Deaf three-time NCAA champion and MMA fighter, Matt Hamill.

I'm Not From Hear. Film in ASL, 22 minutes. Catherine MacKinnon, 2004. The film features "a young hitchhiker who wanders into a silent town, one where the entire population is deaf."

In the Can. ASL with English subtitle. 2013. MGW Productions.

Sign Gene (2017). English subtitle. Director: Emilio Insolera.
"The first Deaf superheroes; superhuman powers through the use of sign language." "A deaf agent from New York City is sent to Japan to investigate a series of crimes that are being committed by deaf mutants."

The Legend of Mountain Man. ASL with English subtitle. MGW Productions.

The Silent Child (2017). Oscar-winning short film. The actor Rachel Shenton signed her 2018 Oscar acceptance speech in BSL as she promised their their 6 year old Deaf lead actress Maisie Sly that they would sign if they won at the 90th Academy Awards.

Wrong Game. ASL. MGW Productions circa 2007.

Also see Eyeth, a complementary planet of Earth.

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