Deaf actors in the Hollywood and mainstream movies and TV series

Sean Berdy, in the TV series Switched at Birth as a role of Emmett Bledsoe.

Linda Bove, in her role as a libriarian, introducing ASL to children in the TV series, Sesame Street (1980s).

Deanne Bray, the star of Sue Thomas: F.B.EYE.

Lou Ferrigno (1951-present), the show The Incredible Hulk's star.

Phyllis Frelich, Love Is Never Silent (1985).

Russell Harvard played the role of the wrestler Matt Hamill in the 2010 film The Hammer.

Vilma Jackson, Deaf British actor and model, based in London, U.K. Performed in Don't Look at the Finger by Hetain Patel.

Marlee Matlin (1965-present), starred in the film Children of a Lesser God. Received a Best Actress Academy Award for her film debut in Children of a Lesser God (1986). Also starred in the movies, Hear No Evil and others as well as her TV series, Reasonable Doubts, The West Wing and a few more. She has also participated in the dance contest, Dancing with the Stars.

Millicent Simmonds in Wunderstruck (2017).

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