History of Deaf people, culture, and commumity

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History of Deaf people and sign language

Resources: Deaf Heritage

"Deaf Heritage in Canada: A Distinctive, Diverse, and Enduring Culture" by Clifton F. Carbin (1996) is available online for educational and research purposes at http://www.deafculturecentre.ca/Public/Research/Item_Details.aspx?ID=1&mID=1

"Deaf Heritage: A Narrative History of Deaf America" by Jack R. Gannon (2012).

Resources: Deaf history

Brook Larson. "A History of Sign Language." Brigham Young University. http://linguistics.byu.edu/classes/ling450ch/reports/sign-language.html

Lane, Harlan. When the Mind Hears

"This innovative book/DVD, dedicated to the multidisciplinary study in literature as well as comparative and ASL literature, offers the first comprehensive analysis of the body of work created in ASL. This collection of essays from storytellers, poets, performers and linguists revolutionizes ASL literature. ASL literature is shown in its original form, presented in a way that makes the work accessible to both non-signers and signers alike. It expands the scope of the visual and performing arts, literary criticism, and comparative literature."

Fighting in the Shadows book by Dr Lang

Lang, Harry G. Fighting in the Shadows: Untold Stories of Deaf People in the Civil War.

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Laurent Clerc: America's first Deaf teacher.

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