Deaf people, codas, and allies

Deaf people, codas (children of deaf parents), sodas (children of deaf siblings), hearing allies, and parents of deaf children are part of humanity and diversity.

There are Deaf people from all walks of life: doctors, professors, bakers, laywers, construction workers, mathematicians, computer programmers, shoemakers, teachers, pilots, and so on. Nothing is a loss as a result of not hearing. Not even a language. Language is still there among Deaf people.

"Deaf people can do anything apart from hear."

Reading resources

Adams, Margarita Mucino. The Lives of Deaf Mexicans: Struggle and Success. (43-minute DVD)

Carroll, Cathryn; Mather, Susan M. Movers and Shakers: Deaf people who changed the world.

Kraft, Bonnie. Tomorrow Dad Will Still Be Deaf and Other Stories.

"Watch and listen to CODA Bonnie Kraft's wise and witty accounts of a quiet father, a mischievous mother, and the mentiors she found in Deaf clubs." -- DawnSignPress.

Also see codas: children of Deaf parents.