Deaf Studies

"I had now to see them [Deaf people] in a new, 'ethnic light,' as people with a distinctive language, sensibility, and culture of their own." -- Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices.

Recommended books on Deaf culture

H-Dirksen L. Bauman. Open Your Eyes: Deaf Studies Talking. 2008.

"This groundbreaking volume introduces readers to the key concepts and debates in deaf studies, offering perspectives on teh relevance and richness of deaf ways of being in the world." -- DawnSignPress.

Harlan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister, Ben Bahan. A Journey Into the Deaf-World. 1996.

"In this comprehensive and engrossing study, three distinguished scholars of Deaf culture—one hearing, one deaf, and one coda (child of deaf adults)—offer clear, penetrating insights into the existence and makeup of the deaf world, the community whose natural language—American Sign Language in the United States—is manual and visual. Bringing the latest social and cultural findings and theories into sharp focus, the authors take us on a fascinating journey to discover what deaf culture is."

Harlan, Lane. The Mask of Benevolence.

Paddy Ladd. Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood. 2003.

"The book presents the hidden history of Deaf communities for the first time in teh words of Deaf people themselves. It explains how Deaf people are not only happy with their communities, but proud in their belief that sign languages offer a key to attaining a fuller humanity by liberating the body and the emotions." -- DawnPressSign.

Also see Deaf culture.