Audism: a hearing disease (not deafness)

The portion of the title "hearing disease" is not referred to deafness. It's referred to audism majorly found in hearing society. This hearing society has a very serious condition of disease called phonocentrism.

First, let's define the term audism, coined by Tom Humphries in 1975. Audism is invariably defined as:

Audism n. 1. The notion that one is superior based on one's ability to hear or behave in the manner of one who hears. 2. A system of advantage based on hearing ability 3. A metaphysical orientation that links human identity with speech. -- (1) Tom Humphries, (2) Wellmann (1992), (3) Deaf Studies conference by Bahan and Bauman, 2000.

Audism affects Deaf people so profoundly in our daily lives over the past thousands of years. For a list of some examples of audism, see the Audism on the Google+ page.

Audism Unveiled
Cover of the Audism Unveiled DVD

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"Audism Unveiled creates a deeper understanding of the ways discrimination and oppression impact the lives of Deaf people. Going beyond mere definitions, this powerful documentary uses real life experiences from Deaf people of varied social, racial, and educational backgrounds..." -- DawnSignPress.

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"Audism Unveiled" by Benjamin Bahan, H-Dirksen Bauman, Facundo Montenegro. DVD (57 minutes) available to purchase from DawnSignPress.

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linguicism: a discrimination based on language.

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