Signing space: production and reception

When a Deaf person articulates in sign language, which area in this picture does a listener generally focus upon?

signing frame

Specifically, the hands? Below the face? The eyes? The mouth? Typically, ASL students on the first day of ASL 101 would presume "the hands." The majority of them was surprised by their wrong answer.

signing space and reception

Actually, the listener generally focuses upon the light area in this illustration: the area of the face. The listener may shift from the focal area around the peripheral area (eg. to focus on fingerspelling). With practices, a listener will eventually be able to "stretch" or "enlarge" their focal area.

signing space in video

The light area is usually the maximum boundary line where a visual-kinetic speaker usually sign around within this area. The face and chest are the most used area in signing production.

This image also demonstrates an ideal area for a video to shoot the narrator.

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