Deaf Art, Deaf Artists, and Sign Language


Sonnenstrahl, Deborah M. PhD. Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary.

The HeART of Deaf Culture: Literary and Artistic Expressions of Deafhood, DVD edited by Karen Christie and Patti Durr.

Deaf Art Organizations

Spill PROpagation, an Deaf artist-run organization in eastern Canada.

Deaf Culture Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Web posts

De'VIA Timeline:

Deaf Artists

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Contemporary Ameslan Artists: Canada

Jolanta Lapiak: artist, poet, performer. literary/media. Canada
Max Fomitchev, mime performer. Canada, Russia-born
Dawn Moncrieffe, textile artist. Canada.
Angela Stratiy, performer. Canada Pamela Witcher, artist. paintingCanada

Contemporary Sign-Language Artists: Other countries

Leon Lim, artist.
Daniel Wang, artist. nature paintingChina/US
Aaron Williamson, artist. performance artU.K.

Contemporary Ameslan Artists: U.S.

Chuck Baird, artist. paintingU.S.
Peter Cook, performer. U.S.
Susan Dupor, artist. paintingU.S.
Joseph Grigley, artist. mixed media (written notes)U.S.
Ella Mae Lentz, poet. U.S.
Michelle McAuliffe, photographer. U.S.
Betty Miller, . mixed mediaU.S.
Ann Silver, artist. mixed mediaU.S.
Louise Stern, artist. U.S.

Past Deaf Artists

Frances Allen, photographerU.S. 1854-1941
Mary Allen, photographer, 1858-1941
John Brewster Jr., painting1766-1854
Robert Freiman, watercolor. USA. 1917-1997
Dorothy Miles, BSL Poetry, UK. 1931-1993
Douglas Tilden (1860-1935), sculptor.
Clayton Valli (1951-2003), ASL poetry
Harry R. Williams (1948-1991), artist on painting (deafness and music). USA.

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