Sign language interpreting resources

Resources / Readings

Finton, Lynn; Smith, Richard. Interpreter Discourse: English to ASL Expansion / ASL to English Compression. Rochester Institute of Technology.

Taylor, Marty M., PhD (1993). Interpretation Skills: English to American Sign Language. Interpreting Consolidated, Canada.

Taylor, Marty M., PhD (1993). Interpretation Skills: ASL to English.. Interpreting Consolidated, Canada.

Holcomb, Thomas K. and Smith, David H, Editors (2018). Deaf Eyes on Interpreting. ISBN 978-1-944838-27-0. Purchase at .

Humphreys, Linday. The Professional Sign Language Interpreter's Handbook.

Metzger, Melanie. Sign Language Interpreting: Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality. Gallaudet University Press.

Patrie, Carol J. Phd. Series: Interpreting in Insurance Settings., Interpreting in Legal Settings., Interpreting in Medical Settings., Translating from English, Consecutive Interpreting from English, Simultaneous Interpreting from English.

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