Poetry in Sign Language

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poetry in sign language.


Clark, John Lee (2006). "Melodies Unheard: Deaf Poets and Their Subversion of the 'Sound' Theory of Poetry" Sign Language Studies, Vol. 7 No. 1 Fall 2006. Pp 4-10.

Clayton Valli. ASL Poetry: Selected works of Clayton Valli. DVD (105 minutes).

H-Dirksen L. Bauman. "Redesigning Literature: Poetics of American Sign Language Poetry". http://www.ubu.com/ethno/discourses/bauman_asl.html

Sutton-Spence, Rachel. Analysing Sign Language Poetry. 2004.

"This new study is a major contribution to sign language study and to literature generally, looking at the complex grammatical, phonological and morphological systems of sign language linguistic structure and their role in sign language poetry and performance. Chapters deal with repetition and rhyme, symmetry and balance, neologisms, ambiguity, themes, metaphor and allusion, poem and performance, and blending English and sign language poetry."

Sutton-Spence, Rachel (December 2003). "An overview of sign language poetry." European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO), http://www.let.kun.nl/sign-lang/echo/docs

Ella Mae Lentz. The Treasure: Poems by Ella Mae Lentz. DVD (50 minutes)

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