ASL fingerspelling receptive practice

Practice and develop your fingerspelling receptive skill. Watch some fingerspelled words, fingerspelled loans, and sometimes abbreviations. Note: this doesn't work well on a certain web browser on Apple devices.

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Once you use the 'I give up!' button, you cannot use the 'Enter' button. Do the next new word.

Tips on improving receptive skill

Is it fingerspelling too fast? That's what you are here for. :) To train your eyes with the real world of fingerspelling in ASL signing in daily life. Use the replay button to repeat and repeat.

Avoid looking at the individual alphabetical letters. Look at the configuration of a fingerspelled word -- its shape and movement.

Practice, practice, and practice. Sharpen your receptive skill.

What the ASL learners say

Joe Kuta's poetic message below refers to the days before the "slow" and "slower" buttons were added to the feature.

"And it is very challenging. I can't even get past the first one.
But as is recommended - repeat, repeat, repeat.
And slowly the pattern is revealed.
My cat likes it too, because I'm staying put on the couch with her on my lap!" ( February 2016)

His advise is to keep the "normal" mode: "Keep it as challenging as it is. It's good for the brain!" What a great determination and optimistic attitude he has!

"And I was successful yesterday! I got 'clinic.' And a few more. I've studies a handful of Slavic languages. When I was listening to a Russian song, the mush of information started separating itself into discreet words. It's a beautiful process." That works the same with listening to ASL phrases and picking up patterns of the ASL language.