Conjunction: "ONE" in American Sign Language

Conjunction is a word that connect words, phrases, or clauses. The conjunction one is one of the conjunctions in ASL. It is not literally "one" in English sense. It connotates more of "(all the same) except for one", "these and those but...", or "one that stands out among" in ASL.

Gloss: "one" as a conjunction.

Remember that is it not literally "one" in a sense of the English meaning. It is a conjunction. Like other conjunctions, ONE-conj is accompanied with raised eyebrows. (a gloss symbol /\ for raised eyebrows).

For examples:

English translation with an ASL gloss for the conjunction: "Well, my last weekend was the usual. I did read a book, washed my clothes, and went for grocery shopping, ONE/\ my daughter from college called me with the news that she just got engaged!"

Glosses: well, past+weekend same-over++ ix-me book, ... one-conj my daughter ix-loc college call-me inform-me ix-she recently be-engaged!

Another example:

Last Saturday, I went shopping for a graduation dress. I have been to many boutique stores and looked through many dresses. Hard to find one Not any particularly catching; /\one/\ that particular one seems a potential. I'm thinking about this one.

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