Comics, Cartoons, Graphic Novels, Manga, and beyond in sign language

Cartoon in the language of ASL has relatively grown since in the early 21st century as Deaf people have grown interested in ASL writing.

ASL writing cartoon by Adrean Clark
Cartoon by Adrean Clark, April 14, 2017.

Cartoon artist Adrean Clark created a layout of the cartoon integrated with ASL writing. She stated that "it was a simpler time before cell phones. We worried about people merely seeing us, and not about them uploading our embarrassing moment." Today, we'd be double worried about people looking at us and uploading the funny moment onto Internet.

Image description: "My car felt funny so I pulled over to inspect the car. I walked smack into a tree branch. Even my glasses went flying off, and all this within view of a fast food restaurant. My face is still sore and scratched up." (Adrean)

More to come.