How to tell days in a calendar in ASL

Learn how to express days of the week in American Sign Language (ASL). Practice vocabulary.

Vocabulary: days of the week

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There is a regional variation for Thursday T+H (now shown in the video). Also see another regional variation for Sunday (the second part).

Every day of the week

The following illustrations demonstrate some ASL signs to express "every day".

daily; every-day

Mondays; every Monday

Tuesdays; every Tuesday

Fridays; every Friday

The movement from top downward is a form of pluralization for a every day of the week (e.g. Mondays, Fridays, etc). The handshape is the same for these days of the week.

Saturdays; every Saturday

Sundays; every Sunday

The following illustrations demonstrate some ASL signs to express days.

Day(s) in a week

These show you how to tell how many days in a week.


three days

The ASL word day can be incorporated with a number between 1 and 9. For example, three days above.

twelve days

The numbers beyond nine cannot be incorporated with the sign day. One sign the number and then day.

all-day; full-day

There is a difference of the handshape between the signs day and all-day. The movement/speed and the facial expression can convey either a regular "all day" or a "long all day". Facial expression is part of grammar.

all-night; full-night; overnight

See the dictionary for: tomorrow, yesterday, today, past, future. More vocabulary videos will be included in this page sometime in the near future.