Audism Scale: where do you fall?

Inspired by Cristi Demnowicz's "Racism Scale: Where do you fall?" model, below is the audism scale adapted from the original format of the racism scale (with permission granted by CDemnowicz, Where do you fall on the audism spectrum?


I would have aborted an embryo because it's deaf.

Overt audism

Deaf babies should be implanted with cochlear implants and be forbidden from using another language (i.e. ASL). / Deaf people's natural human language will be extinct anyway. / Cochlear implant is the best option.

Subconscious audism

Deaf people are a curse from God. / ASL or any signed languages are inferior. Speech is superior. / Deaf people are naturally less intelligent. / Deaf people don't learn well withot speech. / Speech is central to language.


We family don't need to learn ASL for my deaf child. / (As an "oral success"), I'm lucky.


We believe we make the right decisions for Deaf people. / Because they are deaf. / I am not audist. / Their language delay or deprivation has nothing to do with us.


If they had just... (e.g. worked a bit harder or given more efforts with speech.) / Hearing people are the majority. / I have Deaf friends. / My Deaf friend just told me. / Because there are not enough Deaf ASL instructors so it's okay that I teach ASL.


You (Deaf) are fine. / No, we didn't discriminate Deaf people. / Audism doesn't happen here. / Forbidding deaf children from using signed language in name of speech will not potentially lead to language deprivation or delay.

Hearing Savior

By signing songs, I want to help Deaf people appreciate music. / Did you know that there is a technology that will help you hear? / My opinion is... (participating in discussion about Deaf issues or concerns).

"Woke" Justification

I've always wanted to learn ASL. / I didn't know that Deaf culture exists. / What is the sign for "__"?

Performative Ally

Learning ASL would look good on my resume. / Signing a song will help gain my reputation. / I expect praise and/or publicity for my interpreting job / support.


Systematic audism does exist. / I realize this behavior is a hearing privilege. / I cannot compare my experience as a hearing person to that of a Deaf person. / I must always ask Deaf people first.


I'll respect their (signed) language which is their pride and core of identity. / I will not take opportunities from Deaf people such as a Deaf role in plays or movies, ASL teaching positions, using ASL to gain benefits or profits, etc. / I will stand to fight along with Deaf. They will lead and I will not overstep their boundary line.

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