Conjunctions beyond FINISH and WRONG in American Sign Language

Conjunction is a word that connect words, phrases, or clauses. An example of the conjunctions in English are: and, but, because, as, etc.

ASL students may have learned a few common conjunctions "FINISH" and "WRONG" in ASL level one. Now you will learn some more conjunctions of the following closest-equivalent glosses below.

Again be reminded that the glosses are not translation. For the sake of writing ASL signs, glosses are used. For example, the conjunction "FINISH" is not the same as FINISH/DONE even though the sign is similar. Please disregard the English words (glosses) that are not associated with their English meanings.

WRONG - suddenly, without warning; unknowingly.
conj-FINISH - then; when done; completed.
conj-DO-DO - what is planned next or expected.
conj-FIND - only to find out that; realize that.
conj-HAPPEN/\ - in a coincidence that; happened that.
conj-HIT - unexpectedly;
conj-ONE - something extraordinary out of "same old".
conj-SLAM-CHIN(FRUSTRATE) - to be prevented from; unfortunately turned out that.

These ASL conjunctions are usually accompanied with raised eyebrows. (a gloss symbol /\ for raised eyebrows)

Examples for some of the conjunctions:


conj-UNDERSTAND - two movements with raised eyebrows.

Review conjunction FINISH and conjunction WRONG to gain a basic understanding of the conjunctions in ASL.

Also see: conjunction ONE

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