Colonialism of the hearing society

"The attempt by one society to colonize another through seeking to remove or minimize its language and culture." -- Dr. Paddy Ladd (1952-), Deaf scholar, author, activist, and researcher.

"the exploitative historical, political, social, and economic system established when one group or force takes control over a colonized territory or group; the unequal relationship between colonizer and the colonized" -- Department of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement,

"An unequal power relationship between two of more groups in which one not only controls and rules over the other, but also endeavors to impose its culture order unto the subordinate group(s)." -- Deafhood and Genetics.

Examples: implanting a deaf child with a cochlear implant regardless of its risks on the lingual, psychological, and physical levels; praising or admiring cochlear implants yet demonstrating either "neutral" or condescending tone toward ASL or any other (signed) languages;

forbidding the use of a language in visual-spatial modality; prioritizing speech (English and other speech languages) over signing (ASL and other signed languages);

feeding negative images of being deaf and misinformation; disregarding deaf adults' voices (expressions); normalizing a deaf child with hearing values and beliefs;

using an established system of the hearing superstructure; practicing power tools such as glass ceiling, tokenism,

'glass ceiling' to maintain hearing people in higher positions in educational settings in the field of education of deaf children; funding research studies on cochlear implants and related...

practicing eugenics and ethnic cleansing; aborting a baby with 'deaf' gene; sterilizing a deaf human being...

Further readings

"Deafhood - Brief Introduction" Deafhood and Genetics. University of Bristol: Center for Deaf Studies. Web. 26 November 2012.

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