#whyisign: Why I sign?

#whyisign is a movement, celebrating people who learn the language in visual-spatial modality for their deaf and hard-of-hearing family members. Many contributors share their stories and love.

A weeklong campaign took place on March 13-15, 2016, where many ASL speakers jumped in and share their inspirations. There are hundreds of vlogs on facebook and other social media sites but below is a sample of a few stories.

Coco's heartfelt story in summary: When Coco (1980-present) was about one and half, her parents discovered that she was deaf. Like many parents, they were advised that Coco took the avenue of oralism but the parents later discovered that it was not the right answer. They tried ASL and found it to be efficient. Many of her wonderful family members also learned ASL throughout her life.

Not only Coco speaks ASL, she've also learned 22 signed languages during her travels to 59 countries. Fast forward, in March 2016 (a week before her vlog above), her mother passed away. On her last day of life, her mother weakly signed, "I love you. You're so beautiful, and I'm so proud of you." Then, she waved the ILY sign. A nurse came in and talked to her, but the mother couldn't vocally speak. Even with dementia, she remembers sign language.


Website: http://www.whyisign.com/

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