The Honeymoon Hotel: a Deaf Joke

This classic Deaf story has some variations. You may be familiar with “Bob’s House,” a Pepsi(R)'s 2008 Super Bowl TV commercial, but the original is the hotel. I'd rather preserve the original version that has been around for generations in Deaf culture.

This joke has been orally passed on from generation to generation in the Deaf community from the early 20th century (to our best knowledge).

View one of a few versions: one on ASL and the other for non-ASL speakers.

A TV commercial created by Pepsi.

A story video produced by Sorenson VRS.

In summary, a married Deaf couple had a very long day of driving. It was very dark and late. They found a motel to stay for a night. The Deaf husband would like to go out for a drink but the Deaf wife preferred to sleep.

The husband ordered a couple of beers at a pub. He promised himself to have the last beer before leaving. But, one more. Then another. And another. He became drunk. He went out and realized that he couldn't remember which his room was. He looked at all darkened windows, no lights. Everyone was sleeping.

An idea flashed. He went to his car and got in. In front of the motel, he honked hard and long. One after another light through the windows were turned on. All but one that remains dark. That's the one!

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