Nyle DiMarco and Deaf Models

Tyra Banks named Nyle DiMarco the final winner of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 22) on December 4, 2015. The community across North America cheered for him. He was the only deaf contestant to compete on this ANTM show.

Nyle Dimarco ANTM
Image source: America's Next Top Model.

"You just so happened to be Deaf, you didn't win because you are Deaf, you won because you kicked ass." - Tyra to Nyle DiMarco.

Name sign for Nyle Dimarco
Name sign for Nyle. This name sign appears to be derived from a combination of "N" and smize (a term used in ANTM, which means smiling with one's eyes).

Nyle was born Deaf to Deaf family in Queens, New York in 1989 and his family speaks ASL (American Sign Language). He is an alumnus of Gallaudet University where he graduated in 2013.

In addition to modeling, Nyle is also an actor. He played a role in Switched at Birth on the ABC Family network.

Sound of Silence by Nyle Dimarco
Image source: America's Next Top Model.

The very next thing was that Nyle was invited to compete in the Dancing With the Stars and he accepted. Again, Nyle and his partner Peta Murgatroyd won the Mirror Ball trophy in Season 22 of Dancing With the Stars on May 24, 2016. Incredible! The whole Deaf community collectively cheered for him.

In the finale, Nyle and Peta danced to the song, Sound of Silence. This dance performance symbolizes the history of oppression.

In a quick succession of winning two reality shows, Nyle used his platform to spread awareness of our ASL language and Deaf culture as well as to promoste bilingual education for deaf children.

In September, Nyle became the first deaf Chippendale in Las Vegas history.

Deaf Models

Carola Insolera, professional model born in Norway.

Ariana Martins was featured the cover of Playboy magazine (2017).

Vanessa Peretti

was the first Deaf women in Venezuela to participate in Miss Venezuela 2006 as well as she participated in Miss International 2007.

Sophie Vouzelaud participated in Miss France 2007 where she was only one vote away from winning the title as well as she participated in Miss International 2007.