From Logocentrism to Deconstruction

This post is one of the series with other posts: Refreaming from Duality to Complementarity.

What is deconstruction?

No definition, no method, ...

Deconstruction is (erasure). Deconstruction -is- (effacement). It is "a way of reading text" -> a way of reading/looking/thinking a text+. "How is X constructed in this text?" where X = TEXT, where TEXT can be any form (image, word, language, video, symbol, etc.)

Modernism and Post-modernism

Look at the patterns of modernism and postmodernism.


Deconstruction: examples

"Can you lipread?" -> "Can you handread?"

In the 1980s mentality: "paper and pen is part of Deaf culture. We always carry them around with us." Deconstruction: isn't 'paper and pen' also a symbol of cultural oppression? Do we need to fit in the Center? Reverse the Center/Margin. In public services, we speak in ASL and hearing people turn to find a paper and pen. Share the weights from both sides.

Prior to the end of 20th century, Deaf people often gestured "Me Deaf" when a hearing person approached them. The effect was that often hearing people would feel unease and say "Sorry" and nothing was further even if a simple gesture asking for time could be done. Deconstruction: Now many Deaf people in North America would respond in ASL. Interestingly, the effect was that often hearing people made an effort to get their smartphones, paper and pen, or even a laptop to talk without fear. Reframed from "not hear" to "language-based" mentality.

Deaf is expected to fit in the hearing society for the reasons: phonocentrism; the majority of hearing/speech vs Deaf minority. Deconstruction: How did white race as a minority in the world came to power? Size doesn't matter. Embrace diversity and accessibility for all. Individuals have the right to equality/equity and human rights.

Words = concepts = powerful structure of worldview. E.g. ASL is a sign language. Deconstruction: ASL (or Ameslan) is a language. I speak ASL.

"Baby sign language" is culturally appropriated and it's an illusion as much as there is no "baby speech language". One could make tons of dollars out of "baby SPEECH language" with the right marketing schemes to create an illusion of reality.

Posted 2007.