History of phonocentrism deconstruction

By Jolanta Lapiak.

This is the story of how phonocentrism deconstruction manifested.

During my four years in the BFA program (2001-2005), I informally deconstructed the concept of art and imagery in my papers, exploring other perspectives.

Then, I continued my exploration during the two years of MFA program at NSCAD University. First, I deconstructed art and language. This led me to Derrida's works which prompted me to delve into more about sign language, phonocentrism, daily used terms, and more.

My works and research led to the title "and/or" of my thesis exhibition and thesis in 2007 on the deconstruction of literary arts in sign language, language, calligraphy and such.

thesis exhibition poster by jolanta lapiak

A accessibility-related conference organized by Elizabeth Sweeney at the Canada Council of Arts and the Ottawa Interpreting Services (OIS) invited me to give a presentation, titled "in the eye of phonocentrism, I gave in Ottawa, Canada, in 2009.

presentation video by jolanta lapiak

From there in Ottawa, I met Tiphaine Girault, a LSQ artist and co-founder of Spill.PROpagation. Several years later, she and her partner developed a grant proposal for the first retreat for Deaf Canadian artists under Spill.PROpagation. In 2013, they invited me to give a week-long workshop at the retreat.

This was the right opportunity that it was time to bring the years of my work, research, and theory to test and share with the artists who sought some kind of new identity. At that time, I felt a strong possibility of creating a new manifesto and movement from there.

The Canadian ASL and LSQ creative people (artists, filmmakers, performers, etc.) met in Gatineau, Quebec, in May 2014, organized by the Deaf artist-run organization, SPiLL PROpagation.

By the end of the three-day workshops led by myself, on the fourth day I proposed a manifesto. The artists and myself discussed and finalized the manifesto in both French and English versions to open up possibilities and to pave the way for future.

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