Redefining Deaf

Someone posed a question, "What would you like to define Deaf?"

"I'd rather define it as person who has higher [visual-]spatial skills, higher motion-detection skills, and wider peripheral visions, and as being a visual person instead of 'can't hear'. People define hearing as a person who can hear. We need a positive connotation to define Deaf." -- Evan Johnson, September 9, 2013, "Deafhood Politics Now" FB page.

Furthermore, Evan Johnson humorously noted, "Maybe on Eyeth, they define hearing as a person who can't deaf." For some hearing people who don't get it, Eyeth is a classical, Deaf culture humor, meaning EYEth instead of EARth (Earth).


The video Re-Defining D-E-A-F above by Ryan Commerson is "a public proposal on the means to create significant social change."

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