Pollution Sonore

In an interpretation of the work by Tiphaine Girault below, the image shows an experience of the contrast between vocal-aural and visual-manual languages.

The left side of the image represents desolate pollution of aural noises. On the other hand, the right portion describes sign language as joy and nature experienced by eyeing people. It feels open air and space that is easy to breathe in sign language. Sign language embodies an intimate experience of connection to nature through the use of the body.

sign language art
Tiphaine Girault. "Pollution sonore" ("Sound pollution") (2007). Printmaking, 40cm x 15cm.

Tiphaine Girault, born in Paris, France, is a Canadian-French artist. She lives in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, with her partner. She moved to Canada from France in 1998. She communicates in French and LSQ (Langue des signes qubcoise) as her first languages; though, she also communicates in ASL with Ameslan people. She appreciates opportunities and cultural diversity of Canada.

Tiphaine specializes in comic strips and graphic novels. She received a BA from the University of Quebec. She is currently studying Communication Media in the Masters program at the University of Ottawa. Her passion also involves illustrating children's books.

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