Gallaudet's Bison Song

The Bison Song is a traditional sports song at Gallaudet University since the 1960s. It is presented by Gallaudet performers -- one female and one male -- in ASL for Gallaudet sports teams.

Annual audition is held for the Bison Song finalists to be chosen, one female and one male performer, to perform this song at Gallaudet games and events for a year.

The original Bison Song was written by Dorothy Miles, Gallaudet student (Class of 1961), in English. Since then, there has been three different versions of the Bison Song. Besides these versions in English, it has been always translated to ASL in performances. Other schools for the deaf have adopted their own percussion song based on the model of Bison Song.

Below is a couple of examples of the Gallaudet Bison Song. Every year, there has been a different style by different couples of performers.

It is a brief clipping of the video Bison Song above. However, below is a full version of the song.


Tom Harrington, librarian. "The Gallaudet Bison". Gallaudet University Library.

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