Eyeth: a planet of the Eyean people

Eyeth is a term for an imaginary planet for "people of the eye", in which everyone speaks in visual-manual modality, unlike Earth where everyone speaks in vocal-auditory modality. Notice the difference between EYEth and EARth.

Hearing people who live on Eyeth are considered a minority. There are varieties of the stories of Eyeth in ASL literature.

"Destination Eyeth" by Arthur Luhn is a humorous short film. This film/video tells a story about an Einstein-like ASL scientist who figures out a way to build a machine that allows him to transport himself to Eyeth, the planet where everyone speaks in sign language.

"Eyeth is an imaginary planet occupied by signers, a part of Deaf mythology. While a lot of Hollywood films have depicted ASL culture in a rather dreary light. I chose to use comedy to present this mythology." -- Arthur Luhn.