and/or: text performativity in Ameslan (ASL)

This 40-minutes performative presentation by Jolanta Lapiak took place at the Inspired: Art of ASL Festival at Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin, USA. on September 27, 2008.

Arche-writing -and/or- Arche-speaking

Gesture as in vocalization


This postmodern presentation blends a weave of the performance, work of art, calligraphy, prose, and poetry all in Ameslan or ASL.

This one-of-a-kind presentation challenges conventional thinking about the literary components by undermining the traditional dichotomy and by playing complementarity and ambiguity of the following: presentation and performance, writing and speaking (manually), language and gesture, poetry and prose, looking and reading, literality and metaphor. This work is a Derridean deconstruction of the concepts and meanings of language and literature.

This poetic presentation celebrates a rich potential of how visual-manual language can transform literary components into other dimensional forms, for example, by metamorphosing calligraphy into verbal calligraphy. It enhances the beauty and richness of Ameslan/ASL.

"Word and Image" and "Bond/Bondage"

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