Deconstruct W.O.R.D.: a poetry performance

The literary artist Jolanta Lapiak presented her poetry performance Deconstruct W.O.R.D. at the Edmonton Poetry Festival, April 23, 2010.

Among m other literary works within the same theme, Lapiak was influenced by Jacques Derrida's literary criticism and philosophy within the themes of arche-writing, phonocentrism, trace, and so on. Not only she is influenced by Derrida but also by Japanese calligraphy that this influence can be found in many of her works of art, performance, and other forms.

At the end of this performance, Jolanta stamped her personal red seal on her arm in the same way one stamps a red seal on the work of calligraphy. She is the text.

The poet uses rich cinematic devices, imagery, textual performance, and metaphors.


"When one sees or hears "word", it is automatically assumed that it comes from spoken English but "word" itself have several meanings. And, Jolanta's act of "listening" to the dictionary reflects how much the hearing world relays on sound as the authoritative figure, yet the word printed in text doesn't make sound. A simple performative gesture to confront our mainstream critical thinking/attitude toward language(spoken). -- Peter Cook, June 2010 (FB).

This work piece, Deconstruct W.O.R.D., was also discussed in depth by Hannah Lutzenberger in her B.A. Thesis, "Buchstabe – Wort – Text – Sprache" with the focus, "Eine Untersuchung der Strukturalität einer manuellen poetischen Sprache im Hinblick auf ihre dekonstruktive Verwendung in Jolanta Lapiak Deconstruct W.O.R.D." in Hamburg, 2014.

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