Vital Signs: a short film

The short film Vital Signs by Wayne Betts, Jr. tells a story about a man who is informed that he has a terminal heart condition. Roger Vass, Jr. is the ASL narrator in this 4-minute film. He heavily employs classifiers and cinematic vocabulary in ASL.

The producer Wayne Betts Jr. describes the video, "'Vital Signs' reveals how the mind of a deaf person functions during storytelling. Generally, a hearing person visualizes words in their head while telling a story in detail whereas a deaf person visualizes a scene involving the time of the day, space and emotions. We really worked hard to make the storyline as authentic as possible by using real-life situations, like a California highway at high speed, while preserving the language." [1]

This video provides an useful educational tool for ASL students and interpreters in ASL classifiers and cinematic vocabulary.

[1] "Vital signs: Get to the Heart of ASL".

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