How to tell ASL cardinal numbers: 1 to 30

Learn the numbers from one to thirty in both receptive and expressive skills. Watch the video and practice the numbers. For individual numbers, you also can check them in the ASL dictionary.

Below are some rules for the ASL cardinal numbers from one to thirty. Please note that some of these rules are not the same in other grammatical contexts.

For example, your palm is in -- facing you as a signer -- for the cardinal numbers one through five, but it comes to a different rule when telling ages. That is, your palm is out for the ages one through five.

For the cardinal numbers one through five, your palm is in, facing you as the signer. For the numbers six through nine, your palm is out -- facing outward from the signer's perspective.

For the numbers eleven through fifteen, your palm is in. For the rest of the numbers except for the number 21, the palm is out.

The numbers 20 through 29 have different handshapes from the number two. So better practice on these numbers more. Use the "L" handshape for the "two" part from 23 to 29.

Translation: number

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