Manifesto: phonocentrism deconstruction

The Canadian ASL and LSQ creative people (artists, filmmakers, performers, etc.) met in Gatineau, Quebec, in May 2014, organized by the Deaf artist-run organization, SPiLL PROpagation.

By the end of the three-day workshops led by presenter Jolanta Lapiak, these artists agreed on the manifesto in both French and English versions to open up possibilities and to pave the way for future.

Manifesto: English version

A phonocentrism deconstructionist is a creative person who creates a work that questions, challenges, and redefines phonocentric construction; to seek to recreate new formation through practice and process; and to induce social change.

Manifeste de déconstruction du phonocentrisme

Les déconstructivistes du phonocentrisme sont des personnes créatives produisant des œuvres par des pratiques qui visent à remettre en question et à redéfinir les constructions phonocentriques et ce, dans la visée de créer des nouvelles formations de savoirs et de favoriser les transformations sociales.

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